Technological solutions to complex problems

Specialists in innovative technology solutions focused on business gain that are essential for growth, cost reduction and improvements.

A security and code quality solution that fits your business needs.

Our goal is to ensure our customers optimize the DevOps process through BugSout, a platform that promotes global application security through audit processes and DevOps. Detects Vulnerabilities in more languages than any other tool available, addressing most common languages like Java and .Net, but also languages such as: ABAP, PLSQL, C, .txt files and configuration files (.xml). It combines safety with quality. It has the lowest false positive rate on the market and the fastest.

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Process Automation - Mobile Solutions

Solutions SAST, DAST, IAST, QA – (RPA)

Automation of Functional Processes

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Significant cost savings and uptime with automatic RPA-based routines.

Process Runner enables the integration of processes and systems with SAP without creating any ABAP programs or coding. Companies that use manpower to perform high transactional and highly transactional functions in SAP can save time and money.

Mobile applications that integrate online registration, maintenance and operational launches with SAP. Access control features and workflow follow the SAP standard.

Automate your processes safely and simply, all on friendly, fast and intuitive platforms. Minimize errors and reduce time spent on highly transactional processes in SAP.

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Mobile Solutions for SAP Operational Process Automation

San Mobile (Automation Systems)

Technology Consulting

Thanks to the expertise of our team, we are able to provide customized solutions to the technology business strategies of each of our clients.

Own development centers with high expertise in developing secure and flexible software solutions. Expertise and experience in various environments and segments.

Business-oriented technological transformation aimed at improving the company's key processes by always proposing and seeking innovative solutions with governance and agility.

Analysis and development of software solutions tailored to customer needs

Development of tailor made solutions

Transformation and model of digital governance

Digital Transformation

Update critical business models based on new technology capabilities.

Business technology consulting focused on improving the company's key processes, integrating state-of-the-art technical solutions and implementing governance models capable of quickly and efficiently managing the company's technological ecosystem.

Specialized Process Outsourcing

We add value to our customers' business by providing services and support processes and specialized operations, integrating as part of the company.

To meet customers' needs, we offer highly specialized services, developing, supporting and proposing process and technology improvements, promoting the optimization of critical management processes and structural cost savings, thus becoming a key customer support.

Provision of business, technology and operations management services.


Specialized Technology Support

Systems, Infrastructure and Process Support

We offer specialized support services in the areas of process, infrastructure and systems.

Our portfolio works on all aspects of infrastructure ensuring high availability of systems and resources, providing real solutions.

We promote the optimization and management of critical processes in order to reduce infrastructure and system costs. The high satisfaction rate is a result of the productivity, specialization and commitment of our employees.