Technological solutions to complex problems

Specialists in technology solutions focused on business gains.

Protection from cyber attacks on systems, information and business assets.

Our set of solutions is divided into two areas: BugFraud Defense and AppSec Platform, which applies intelligence to software vulnerabilities and company assets. Both are available in the cloud, with unlimited access.

We are at the forefront of innovation against cyber threats.


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Applications’ Global Security and Anti-Fraud in Web and e-Commerce

Cybernetic intelligence

Functional process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Significant operational cost and time reduction with RPA-based automatic routines.

O Process Runner allows integration of processes and systems with SAP without creating any program or encoding in ABAP.

Companies that use labor in performing high volume process and highly transactional functions in SAP will be able to save time and money.


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Combination between the best and most agile data storage availability with a purchase model such as SSAS (Storage As A Service).

Our storage solutions work with Storage as a Service models, both in the cloud and on-premises. This model offers scalability, elasticity, secure integration with the customer's current infrastructure and the customer’s available budget.


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High Availability Flexible Storage

Enterprise Storage

Database Management System

DBMS Solutions

Fully compatible and secure RDBMS that easily fits and adapts with current cost-optimized cloud architectures.

The Tibero database fully supports data clustering as a way to provide redundancy and failover.

Tibero's clustering architecture is similar to Oracle's and allows for an easy transition. However, unlike Oracle Databases, Tibero was developed with additional data protection measures..


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Technology Consulting

Thanks to our team of experts, we are able to provide customized solutions to the technological business needs of each of our customers.

Own development centers with high expertise in developing secure and flexible software solutions, experience in various environments and segments

Technological transformation aimed at the business with the objective of improving the key processes of the company, proposing and always seeking innovative solutions with governance and agility..

Analysis and development of tailor made software solutions for customer needs

Development of tailor made solutions

Transformation and model of digital governance

Digital Transformation

Updating of critical business models based on new technological capabilities.

Business technology consulting aimed at improving the company's key processes by integrating state-of-the-art technical solutions and implementing governance models capable of agile and efficient management of the company's technological ecosystem. .

Outsourcing of specialized processes

We add value to our customers by providing services and support processes and specialized operations, integrating as a part of the company.

Otimização de processos críticos de gestão e economia com custos estruturais.

Seeking to meet customer needs, NalbaTech provides highly specialized services, developing, supporting and proposing improvements on processes and technology, thus becoming a client’s arm.


Provision of business management, technology and operations services.


Specialized technological support

Systems, Infrastructure and Processes Support

Optimization, management of critical processes, aiming to reduce infrastructure and system costs.

NalbaTech offers our clients specialized support services in areas of business process, Infrastructure and systems.

Our portfolio works across all aspects of infrastructure ensuring high availability of systems and resources, delivering real solutions.

The high satisfaction rate is the result of the productivity, specialization and commitment of our employees.