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Product deployment for analysis of vulnerabilities in source code, to aid in the diagnosis of security problems in applications.

Success Stories

Vulnerability Analysis
Analysis of Results
Analysis of Justification
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Cetesb is a company responsible for the control, supervision, monitoring and licensing of pollution-generating activities, with the fundamental concern of preserving and recovering the quality of water, air and soil. The company requested a proposal for vulnerability analysis in the source code.

NalbaTech was the winning bidder thanks to the source code analysis solution through the bugScout product, in collaboration with the Spanish company Buguroo. This solution allows the analysis of vulnerabilities in the source code in an automated way, bringing complete results for the correction of occurrences.

Vulnerability Analysis
PCI Compliance Report

CSU CardSystem is a company specialized in electronic means of payment processing.

The differentiated report that our product bugScout offered to the client, optimized the time of vulnerability analysis and correction and guaranteed the success of the certification.


Analysis of vulnerabilities in the source code of applications for PCI certification.

Success Stories