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28 julho 2019

About Sabesp

Sabesp is a company that provides water and waste collection services to over 20 million people in the state of São Paulo.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was migrating data from another bank to Sabesp’s Tibero systems.

The solution

Given the company’s objectives, Nalbatech, as a business partner of TmaxSoft do Brasil, has devised a successful migration strategy.

As a winner of Sabesp’s bidding process, we are responsible for providing licenses, implementation and support for the Tibero project in the systems.

Total data migration to Tibero was done in just 1h30, with no risks or major code changes and the system running at full performance.

In addition to enabling the system evolution and having local technical support, the solution offers the possibility of simplified and affordable virtualization, another objective of the Sabesp team. The solution enables virtual environment licensing without the need for physical environment licensing, which provides cost savings as you do not need to invest in hardware and new licenses. This is a TmaxSoft differential compared to other options on the market. In short, the adoption of Tibero brings several benefits such as:

  • Support the maintenance of the proposed environment;
  • Modernization of the current, increased availability;
  • Database compatibility with the application;
  • Systemic evolution, reliability of environment and operation of migrated applications,
  • Data migration safely and completely;
  • Implementation of the monitoring tool (considering alerts and preventive actions for environmental management).


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